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Here is a list of the posts I've written that I frequently refer people to. I still think you should read the rest of my blog, but here are the "hits"! I will update this page periodically, so if you're looking for something that used to be here, use the search box on the right to find it.

Types of Instructional Videos: This is a summary of what I have found to be the main 4 types of instructional videos instructors need to create.

Why and When to Create Instructional Videos

Best Practices for Instructional Videos: Most of these tips are based on the research on multimedia learning conducted by Dr. Richard Mayer.

10 Tips to Make a Good Webcam or "Talking Head" Video: If you're going to record a video of yourself speaking, check out these tips for success!

YouTube Record Webcam Instructions: In the above post, I recommend recording directly into YouTube via their "record webcam" feature. This post includes detailed instructions to get started, particularly if this is your first time using YouTube.

Handwriting Digitization Options: If you teach math, economics, chemistry or other disciplines in which you write on the board, check out this blog for your main options when creating videos that include your handwriting.

How to Add Audio and Export PowerPoint 2013 Into a Video: Making a PowerPoint with audio into a video format can be a great way to share content in the online environment. These instructions will walk you through the process.

Tips for Recording Audio: Recording audio for a tutorial seems easy, but is more challenging than you'd expect. Here are some tips to record audio that is engaging and high quality.

Online Grading Via D2L


Here are a few additional posts that are simple how-to things that aren't specifically learning technology related, but have been viewed many times:

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