Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Uploading a Published Video Output Folder to D2L

Most of the time I recommend for instructors to produce their videos as a mp4, upload to Kaltura or YouTube, and give the students a URL but sometimes the functionality of the video requires it to be uploaded directly to D2L. In this case, there is usually a whole output folder to upload. Here are instructions on how to do that.

1. Zip the folder that was created by the program when you produced/published
  • On Windows: right click on it and choose "Send to" then Compressed (zipped) folder
  • On Mac: right click and choose "Compress [name of folder]"
2. Go into the appropriate D2L course.
3. Go to Manage Files by going to Content, then Table of Contents, and Related Tools (screenshot below).

4. Click Upload

5. Search for the zipped folder, upload, and Save.
6. Put your cursor in the white area next to the folder title to enable the blue drop down menu.
7. Click the downward facing arrow in the blue area for more functions. Then choose Unzip.

8. Go to the Content Page and under the Module which you would like the video to appear, choose New and Add from Manage Files.
9. This will open up the Manage Files area. Enter the folder you just unzipped (they should be in alphabetical order). The specifics will vary in the next part, but you will probably want to choose the file that includes the word "player" and ends in .html.
10. Click the blue Add button.
11. It will call the item (in this case) "excel error bars_player" so you will likely want to change the name to something more like "Excel Error Bars Video."
12. Make sure it works!

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