Monday, February 10, 2014

How to See the Student View of the Gradebook in D2L

I thought that the only way I could see the student view of grades was by impersonating them as an administrator, but it turns out instructors can do this without administrative privileges. Hurray!  It is handy to see what they look like to students, because it is very different than the instructor's view. Here's how.

In the enter grades area, click on the name of a student. Then next to their name you will see a little drop down arrow. Click that and choose Preview.

The resulting window shows you just what it will look like to them.

One other tip I learned recently it that if you use categories in grade items, it is least confusing to students if you use a category for everything, even if there is just one item. The uncategorized items just look just a little bit different by not being indented, whereas categories have a shaded background setting them apart better.

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