Friday, January 24, 2014

Publishing and Uploading Adobe Presenter to D2L

This is part 2 in a series of posts about Adobe Presenter but I have not written part 1 yet! This post assumes you have already designed a beautiful PowerPoint and added audio via Presenter (NOT via PowerPoint itself). I'll update this when part 1 is done :)


Click Publish at the top in the Adobe Presenter tab.

Choose where to save it. It will try to save on a folder in your H drive (if you work for UWEC) so if you ever can't find one, it is probably on your H drive. These files are not gigantic, so you may be able to actually save it there. Click Choose to save elsewhere if you would like.

This is important: if you save it somewhere else, make a folder (or sub-folder)  for all this stuff to go into and select it to save in there. Call it something similar or the same as your PPT file. If you don't do this, it's not the end of the world or anything but you'll have a whole bunch of rogue files and moving around files afterward is a pain.

The screenshot above shows that I chose to save this on my P drive in the "PowerPoint Design Tips" folder which I created just for this. The title of my PowerPoint is also PowerPoint Design Tips.

You can change the settings if you want to do different things but we're not getting into that here. Click Publish. When it's done, it will play the presentation.

Uploading to D2L

Now you'll need to find the folder where you saved the published presentation. Here's mine:

If you open it, you'll see a whole bunch of stuff. You don't really need to understand what these all are, at least not right now. Get out of there!

Now zip this folder. Zipping allows you to keep all these files together, because they need eachother to play the presentation. To zip, right click on the folder and choose "send to" and then "compressed (zipped) folder."

It will make another folder with the same name, but .zip will be after it and the icon will look different.

Now go to D2L. You'll need to be in Manage Files. Click on Table of Contents, then Related Tools, then Manage Files.

This is the "behind the scenes" area where all of your content files live.

Click Upload and search for the zip file. This process varies slightly depending on your browser.

Unzip the file by clicking the blue drop down on the right side and choosing unzip.

Now click on the newly unipped folder to enter. Click the drop down next to the file that says "index.htm" and choose "Add Content Topic" on the bottom. 

On the next screen, choose the appropriate module on the top left (or create one if necessary) and enter a descriptive name. It will automatically pull in a title. Short title is not required.

Click Add and go to the content page and test it. Pat yourself on the back if it works. Let me know if it doesn't or if you're totally frustrated and want help.

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  1. April, have you experienced any problems with the view size once the project is unzipped and part of the content? When I upload my project and get it all set, it shows very tiny on the screen. Just curious...