Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Linking Another Email Address with Your Google Account

If you're just looking for help, follow these instructions to set up an alternate account so when people invite you to a google doc (or whatever it may be), the invite works for both email addresses you may use.

If you're interested, here's my random story about how I thought my accounts were linked but they actually weren't. Why do I want them linked, you may wonder? Because work people will email my UWEC account to add me to a Google doc or something, but then when I login with my Google account (gmail) it says that UWEC me does not have permission. I want both emails to work with the same Google account. In other words, I only want one Google account. No work/personal life separation for me.

So I checked out my account and here's what I had going on:

I blurred out my email addresses (please don't email me)
 but you can see my primary is gmail and recovery is uwec.
I was mistaken that a recovery email actually meant that it was linked with my google account. It just meant that if I forgot my password and couldn't access gmail I could get an email at my UWEC account with a link to reset it.

So I followed the handy instructions on how to add an alternate email and it actually said that my UWEC email was being used for another account. It was ok to use as a recovery email address, but it couldn't be set up as an alternate. I had no idea what was with that, so I tried logging in with it and clicked the link to change my password. Turns out, a long time ago I created another Google account with this email which I completely forgot about! So I had to delete that one before I could make it an alternate. Then it worked. Yay!

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