Monday, August 5, 2013

Embedding YouTube Videos into PowerPoint 2013 is Kind of Ridiculous

One thing that people really like to do with PowerPoint is embed a video so that when they want to show a YouTube or something in class, it will play right from the slide without opening the YouTube site. I can't even count how many people I taught to do this in 2010. It was a little funky, but do-able.

However, in 2013, I do not recommend even messing around with it. Just hyperlink an image or text. To do this, right click on an image or highlighted text and choose the Hyperlink option. Then paste in the URL.

I worked with someone this morning who is very techy, and she said she is not going to go through all the steps to embed videos. If you really want to know how, I learned from this video. Note that there are a few other videos that make it seem super easy but they are wrong! Here are my comments on the other two top hits when you google "how to embed youtube into powerpoint 2013."
  • One top hit indicates that you can click the insert tab - choose video - then search via bing, but not all videos will work this way. None of the ones I tried did; there was just a preview and it wouldn't play. Plus, it is difficult to see while searching through that area. For some videos this may be a work around if you know exactly the right terms to search to find a video you've already identified. 
  • Another one seems to indicate you can simply copy and paste the embed code as is, which is not the case. 
So, here's the deal. Basically, you have to copy the old embed code, paste it somewhere, and modify the code to remove "version=3" and add the http:// to the URL twice. He said that sometimes you need to change version=3 to version=2. That sounds totally convenient! Just kidding.

I was able to make it work one time, but then later I could not get a different video to embed following these instructions and I don't know why. I would have continued messing around, but then it (Microsoft? PowerPoint? "the man"? I'm not sure) decided I needed to login, so I could access SkyDrive, Facebook, etc. and wouldn't let me just put in a video. No more options to just paste in embed code or search bing. Seriously? No thanks! Plus, my name was up in the top right corner, which seemed to indicate I was logged in. Hmm.

Here's another way I learned from my co-worker Beth Kranz that does work reliably, but also seems like a pain: 

       You must have the Developer Tab on your Ribbon (To get the Developer Tab, go to the File>Options>Customize Ribbon /put a check next to “Developer” in the Customize Ribbon section on the right. Click OK.
       Developer tab>More Controls icon (Hammer and Anvil)
       Select Shockwave Flash Object; click OK.
       Drag a box the size that you want your video to be on your PPT slide
       Right-click on object and select Properties
       Properties Window
       Menu (set to “True” if you want the movie to begin automatically when the slide appears; select “False” if you want to be able to start it at your convenience)
       Movie – Paste in the address of the YouTube (the url)
       Change a couple of things in the url:
-Erase “watch?”
-Replace the “=“ (directly after the “v”) with a “/”
       Close the Properties Box  

A moment of silence while we mourn the loss of somewhat easily embedded videos in PowerPoint 2013.


  1. April, thank goodness for this entry! I was working on a Podcast for the first time in Powerpoint 2013 and I was seriously pulling my hair out because there was no "Youtube" option under internet video like there was supposed to be! Unfortunately, I couldn't get the Shockwave option to work either, so I am stuck. Argh, Microsoft, what were you thinking?!!

  2. Hey April, I stumbled upon this post of yours today and while going through it, I did empathize with the pain you had to go through while trying to put a YouTube Video into your PowerPoint slides. Then, working with the "Developer Tab" is an option that can really make us altogether surrender the thought of using a YouTube Video in PowerPoint Slides.

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