Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Troubleshooting Audio Issues in Lync 2013

Lync has been around for a while but I haven't used it much since it works approximately a thousand times better on a Windows computer and I primarily use a Mac. However, I have started using it because a faculty group wants to give it a try so I've moved over to the Windows side a bit more and I have to say it's a pretty slick program! It has a three main advantages over Skype that I can think of now; comment if you have more or if you have advantages of Skype over Lync.
  1. It is already installed on UWEC computers. 
  2. It is connected with our system at UWEC, so you can just type in the name of a person with a UWEC account and it will find them (finding people is a big issue I had with Skype)
  3. Not only can you share screens, you can give another person on the call control over your computer. It's kind of delayed but pretty awesome anyway.
Unfortunately a problem I've had with it is that it does not automatically use the mic I want it to use and it's a bunch of steps to change it. I don't recall having this issue with Skype, but it's been a while.

Tip #1: before a meeting, MAKE SURE YOUR SPEAKERS WORK. Listen to a YouTube video or something. If you know your speakers are working that narrows down the potential problems to troubleshoot.

Tip #2: Know where the chat window is. This is a place you can communicate with someone when you are figuring out your audio situation.

Tip #3: Assume Lync is not using the right microphone input and check your audio settings right away.

Here are some screenshots on where the audio settings are in Lync. You first need to click the dropdown next to the cog (I usually describe it as a sun, since people know what that is!) to get Tools, then go to Audio Device Settings. 

Then in Audio Device Settings, you should see blue lines moving under Microphone. If they are staying very close to the left side, drag the controller to the right further to turn up your volume. If your blue lines are moving and the person you're communicating with can't hear you, they are probably having an issue with their speakers.

To test your speakers and make sure you can hear others, click the play button across from Speaker. You should hear some ringing. If you don't hear anything, click the drop down above and choose another option and try again. Make sure your external speakers are on, if you have them.

You can also do a test call by clicking Check Call Quality. It's pretty cool. It talks to you and then records you so you can hear how you sound.

Here's another tip: if you are wondering if you are having an issue with your speakers, play a YouTube video or something and see if you can hear that.

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  1. I cannot find the audio device option on the settings.
    looks like it has been disabled how can i add this option?