Thursday, April 12, 2012

Live Binders

I discovered LiveBinders last week when I was looking at the stats of this blog because someone had used my Pinterest post in their LiveBinder, resulting in additional traffic to that post.

LiveBinders is just what you'd assume it is: a way to make a "binder" with tabs and sub-tabs that can include websites, pdfs, and word documents. It is an electronic way to combine information and save it. There is a presentation mode if you are showing it to someone else.

I made a very basic LiveBinder in about 10 minutes. I found it to be very user friendly. The only assistance I needed I received by clicking on "Quick Guide" once to figure out how to upload files. I made it private because it is not real or finished (it's a good idea, so maybe I will finish it), so if it asks for a password or key, it is april.  I learned to definitely use pdfs instead of Word docs (at least Word on Mac) because the pdfs are viewable right in the tab, whereas the Word docs have to be downloaded.

It accepted an annotated link from Diigo (that is the "Writing Questions" tab), but it jumps right to the sticky note and highlighted area, which is not quite what I want. It is good to know that it works with Diigo anyway - at least in Chrome. I haven't tried it in other browsers yet.

It doesn't seem as if you can play a YouTube video within the binder, but at least it can be a place holder and the viewer can click on the link to go to YouTube.

So, what could you use this for? I could see faculty using it to combine resources for students. Instead of having a resource list or using Links in D2L, you could make a Live Binder.

Students could use it to gather resources for an assignment and they could present the binder to the class or annotate the pages with Diigo. They could even have a tab in it with a pdf explaining the resources.

Either way, an important skill for people to have in this digital age is the ability to find and assess information that exists on the web. Why reinvent the wheel? This is a visually pleasing and nicely organized way for them to do it.

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