Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Prezi support is here!

What is Prezi?
Prezi is a zooming presentation creator. The best use of Prezi is for non-linear ideas that are similar to concept maps. Big ideas can be emphasized and then little details can be zoomed in on.  It has the potential to be a very engaging and powerful presentation tool.

Prezi is a cloud-based tool, which means all of the content is stored on Prezi’s site and there is nothing to download to use Prezi on a computer. Because all editing is done in the browser, Prezi works the same on a Mac and PC. Adobe Flash is required to view Prezis. There is a free iPad app that allows Prezi viewing.

Prezi is a nice tool for groups to use because there is a Prezi meeting function, which allows multiple users to edit the Prezi simultaneously.  This helps avoid issues with different versions being emailed. It is also possible to download the Prezi to present it offline.

To add audio narration to a Prezi, additional software is needed. Prezi allows integration of YouTube videos, other Flash videos, PDFs, images, and text.

How does LTS support Prezi?
Through our training group, BITS, we provide group and one-on-one training on request. We can also provide immediate assistance via phone or walk-ins if staff is available.

LTS does not create your Prezi account or store your Prezi content. If you would like to use this cloud-based tool, you must register for an account and choose an appropriate licensing option. We recommend and support the “Enjoy” licensing option, as outlined below.

Recommended Licensing Option: Enjoy
*See other options later in this document.
  • Free for students and teachers (anyone with an .edu email address) - $59 a year for others.
  • 500 MB of storage on Prezi.com.
  • Allows a Private setting: can share the Prezi with people you choose by giving them a special URL. Private means the Prezi will not show up in searches (more below).
  • Can also invite others to edit the Prezi with a special URL.
  •  The default setting for Enjoy licenses is still “Public and allow copy” – it needs to be changed for each Prezi created.
Is my Prezi private?
If you select the Enjoy or Pro licensing option (see below), you will have the option to change your Prezi from public to private. Prezi (the company) will not make your private Prezi visible to the public or searchable through their website or third-party sites like Google. However, since you will be editing, storing, sharing, and showing your Prezis through Prezi’s servers, they need certain licenses from users to do the following:

·            Copy Prezis to maintain the system and offer the Prezi service – for example, the copies created through data backup.
·            If you contact Prezi for support, they may modify the Prezi with your consent.
·            Even Prezis set to private are technically “distributed” and “publicly shown” Prezi’s servers with the special URL. So technically the Prezi is being shown publicly, even though it is just to people who have the URL you shared with them. Prezi will not make the content public, but it still should not be used for confidential information.

Regardless of which licensing option you choose, you own your Prezi. When you create a Prezi on Prezi.com, you are not turning over your intellectual property rights. Consider adding a creative commons license to your work.

Note: FERPA does not restrict students from using online sites such as Prezi for course work. If students have concerns with using online sites, it is recommended that they use a pseudonym when creating their Prezi account and that they set all of their Prezis to private. They will need to use their uwec.edu email address to obtain the student license.

Other Licensing Options:

  •   Default free license.
  • 100 MB of storage space on Prezi.com.
  • Does not allow a user to make their Prezi private. The only options are “Public & Allow Copy” which means anyone can search for the Prezi and save a copy of it and “Public” which means anyone can search for it, but then cannot copy it.
  • If you create a public Prezi with “allow copy,” you grant Prezi (the company) and users certain licenses to your Prezi: they may reproduce it, re-publish it, project it publicly, modify it (for technical reasons), etc. 

  • $59 a year for students/teachers or $159 a year for the general public
  • Includes the additional feature of working offline with Prezi desktop
  • 2000 MB of storage on Prezi.com.
  • If a Prezi is created offline using Prezi Desktop (via the paid Pro account) and not uploaded to Prezi.com, you don’t have to share any licenses to your Prezi. Prezi (the company) has no access to your offline Prezis.
  • If you determine that a Pro account is necessary for your needs, you can privately pursue this option. LTS does not provide licenses for the Pro version or training support for the Prezi Desktop feature. 



  1. thanks for your post and your interest in Prezi. Readig this post I thought I reach out to you and introduce Prezi U http://edu.prezi.com/, our new educational community page.

    On Prezi U you can:

    - submit your prezis to the growing edu prezi library

    - submit and read articles introducing interesting use cases and stories about how Prezi is used in education.

    - participate in forum discussions, download useful prezi files, follow education-related news, and much more.

    We are looking for contributors. Let me know if you are interested.

    Zoli Radnai
    Senior Community Manager

  2. Prezi suddenly does not recognize my sign in. Do you know why that would happen? It is not a spelling error. It is not a subscription lapse. I have 4 Prezi's that I cannot access. Is there a way to protect Prezi content? Prezi needs to learn how to support customers. This has been a frustrating process to get access to my content.