Friday, November 4, 2011

Using a Google Form to Make Videos a Bit More Interactive

Today I found a really cool tutorial explaining how to embed a video with a Google form below it so that students can fill out the form while watching and then the results are automatically sent to a Google spreadsheet. Something Cindy and I recommend when faculty want students to view videos out of class is to have some sort of questions or homework to fill out while watching the video, so this is a nice way to package that all and make use of technology.

Here is the video I got the idea from by Ramsey Musallam on Vimeo. It is about 7 minutes long, but I thought it went really fast. He explains it well.

I decided to get a bit of Camtasia practice under my belt and make my own video that specifically showed how to embed a Film on Demand from the library and a Google form into a D2L page. Check it out here. For your viewing pleasure, I have purified it. Sometimes purified links are slow or funky, so if it doesn't work, you can also view it right on YouTube.

On the left is what the page looks like in Google Chrome (Windows and Mac) and Internet Explorer. The image on the right is how it looks in Firefox (Windows and Mac) and Safari. I made the page in Chrome on Windows. It's kind of weird, don't think it's a problem in any case.


  1. Just so everyone knows, embedding video is also possible in Qualtrics. I haven't specifically tried embedding Qualtrics into D2L, but I have embedded it in CommonSpot pages.