Monday, November 21, 2011

Issues with Inking in Word 2010

Normally when an input device such as a Wacom is plugged in, the inking tools in Word 2010 should automatically come up to allow freehand writing in the application. Below is what it looks like in Word when the Ink Tools are available. You can click on the images here to make them bigger if it is difficult to see.

However, this doesn't always happen and there is a limited amount of information online about how to troubleshoot it. Here are some things you can do.

1. Go to Review and then choose Start Inking. That should make the Ink Tools come up in another tab like above.

But what if you don't see the Start Inking button?

2. Customize your toolbar to include Ink.

  • In Word, go to File and then choose Options on the left side, toward the bottom (under Help).
  • Then choose Customize Ribbon on the left side (highlighted in yellow below). 
  • The image below shows what it looks like when Ink is included in the ribbon under Review. If you do not see this, click the drop down menu under "Choose commands from" to something other than the default which is Popular Commands since Ink is apparently not popular. 
  • Then find Ink (they are in alphabetical order), select it, and then click Add in the middle of the screen and OK.

That really should work, but if it doesn't here's another idea:

3. Check if the Tablet PC Components somehow got turned off. To find this, go to the Start button, Control Panel, Programs and Features, and then choose "Turn Windows features on or off" on the left side. Then scroll down to find Tablet PC Components and make sure it is checked. If it is not checked, check the box and click ok.

Here's a completely different way to go about it: 

4. Let's try PowerPoint then. This is not ideal because the eraser is not easily accessible, but it is something. Open a slide in presentation mode, then right click on it (command click on a Mac), choose Pointer Options, then Pens. In PowerPoint 2010 for Windows it will save the inking on the slide, but in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac, it will not save. The image below is from PPT for Mac because I don't know how to take a screenshot of a right click on Windows :) 
If you've found other solutions, please let me know. 

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